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Welcome to My New Blog

Go where you feel most alive.

I have always been passionate about teaching and have devoted more than three decades of my life to it. I have loved meeting people and students and teaching and learning from them. However since the last few years I got promoted but this pulled me away from core academics and threw me right into a pile of files! While this administrative role has helped me grow as a person, there are strong urges to get back to what I was best at doing… teaching, learning, sharing great moments with children, being myself, trying out innovative things in class and enjoying learning from others success and failures.

This blog is an attempt to share my experiences and learning from life. Join me in my endeavour to navigate through life and its teachings .

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog

  1. You are a born leader and a perfectionist. You are showing the right path to scores of people working under you. …. You are a trend setter adept at multi tasking. So carry on and be our guiding light.

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