Away from my land

I am restive,

Distanced and lonely.

The pangs of separation

Are insufferable.

The land of Chinar , Pines and Poplar trees

When will I get to see you?

My eyes are fatigued and heavy.

My zest for life

Has frozen,

The glory of my tumultuous land

Now lies dead and buried.

I stroll behind the mountain

On the sun-struck road

Singing songs of memorable days

And old delightful tales.

The sound of gushing water, aroma of pine trees en-thralls

No one knows this desolation

As we suffer silently.

There’s a deep estrangement

From the land of our birth.

As I pray

My heart sighs in grief

Of the valley’s lost joys.

Sick of the city

It wants to go back

To my roots.

Picture Credits: Heemal

91 thoughts on “Uprooted

  1. Ma’am, You have so beautifully penned the emotions. In the journey of life, we may have to walk away from our hometown, but our heart resides there forever. We grow old waiting to go back to memory lane. Loved it. ❤️❤️

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  2. Wonderfully expressed “UPROOTED”. May God bless all the Kashmiri pandits and soon we will see the sequel of UPROOTED, which will be titled as “BACK IN THE HEAVEN OF THE EARTH “.
    Also Wish you a belated happy birthday!! May God gives you a blessed life studded with the jewels of peace and prosperity!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  3. What a beautiful creation narrative about so many migrants who were compelled to leave their immensely beautiful motherland and people behind. Though we all try to move ahead in life but sweet memories keep on haunting and feeling of going back to your roots are always there. So very well expressed. We are all fortunate to feel so many natural emotions and feelings with your musings . Waiting for the next one………….

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  4. Beautiful poem, written by great personality. Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity…

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  5. Ma’am, I just read the poem and it’s really a wonderful piece.This poem made me remember of the great poet William Wordsworth and his poem Tintern Abbey where he had talked about his childhood days spent in the nature’s arm.But the memories spent in the lapse of nature always help to survive in this chaotic world. Kashmir will always be there in your heart and definitely nature betrays the heart that loves her.😊😊

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  6. Extremely Amazing the way you have expressed your intense love for our native land is outstanding .Very endearing and touching sentiments through this poem …..It goes to my soul❤❤

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  7. You have a beautiful mind, Ma’am.
    This is just an amazing poem.
    You have such a talent that your words have not only touched me but my soul too.
    Very well expressed!

    Your pain, your hurt is superbly penned. It is difficult to forget the benevolence of nature especially the place like Kashmir, the paradise on earth where one has been born and brought up.
    But remember Ma’am there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. You will surely return to your roots and experience the joy of your land.
    So keep hoping as hope is one of the grand essentials of happiness. The light of hope will enlighten your soul and your world will change for the better.
    As they say_”Modiji hai toh sab mumkin hai”..

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  8. You have expressed emotions of the people so well👍
    This exile has been unbearable, people have gone through unimaginable pain…..

    Beautiful expression of longing to return home……back to your roots 💕
    So heart touching…….loved it👌👌


  9. You have expressed the emotions of the people so well👍

    This exile has been unbearable, people have gone through unimaginable pain…..

    Beautiful expression of longing to return home….back to your roots 💕
    So heart touching……loved it👌👌


  10. Childhood and apna Ashiana always remain in our sweet memories…Kashmir to hai hi jannat kase koi bhul sakta hai…Lajbaab poetry with sweet memories…but really that must be very hard time for KASHMIRI PANDITS.


  11. The degree of the pain of being detached from your land of birth, hometown,has deeply touched me through your writing.No wonder the pain and agony you have buried deep in your heart must have been a challenge to you. Longing to be there just to re-live and reconcile that very inch of your soil must have been the powerful force for your successful journey . Each word penned down is a genuine glimpse of your sensitive emotions and many of us will surely be able to relate to it. Your writings are so touching and full of emotions that I wish to salute you always. Keep going mam.


  12. Excellent reflects your nostalgia for the happy and beautiful bygone days.The pain and sadness is so evident in your words.Even the pics chosen are remarkable.


  13. Beautiful poem mam and your intense love for your native land, your pain ……..so beautifully expressed…………
    You are a beautiful soul. After reading this poem I felt………. बातें भूल जाती हैं, यादें याद आती हैं………… यादें।


  14. A truly heart touching poem, so beautifully conveys the yearning to reclaim what is rightfully yours too.. Ma’am really an excellent piece of poetry!


  15. The poem Uprooted deeply and clearly expresses the pain and agony of a displaced person. You have the art of touching the sensitive chord. The beautiful pictures of valley compliment the emotions well. One can easily feel how miserable it is to depart from one’s paradise. You posses a magical art of expressing the inner feelings. I feel proud when I find a multi potentialite like you around.

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  16. Beautiful emotions straight from your heart.One feels like being uprooted once you are away from your home for such a long time and long to go back.
    Wonderfully expressed.Enjoyed every bit of it.

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  17. Mam you r unbelievable… your words thoughts n expressions are so very simple yet intriguing n gripping.. the hidden music and emotions woven with poetry adorns your creations…. You surprise me every time 👌👍❤️💕🎻

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  18. Mam you leave me speechless 😊unbelievable…. The flow of words thoughts n emotions seemed to be woven wid tears n music….your poems r distinctively marked wid honesty… simply beautiful

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  19. Mam it’s, Beautiful and amazing……it is not easy to reminisce about your homeland…. A land known as heaven on earth ……..which has gone through as much as its people ……
    But to pen down such a feeling ,emotion in …such an eloquent way…. . Is a masterpiece…… created by you.

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  20. Very beautiful creation ma’am. You have filled the feelings of your heart in words in such a way that the fragrance of the soil of the native land can be clearly felt. The lofts of the big cities seem insignificant in front of the village huts. We continue to yearn in the cities for the joy, happiness and love that we get there.

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  21. Great poem! Immense pain of departed Kashmiri pandits is expressed very delicately. It reminds massacre of innocents in Kashmir and how they were forced to flee their homeland, the Kashmir Valley. Emotions of departed Kashmiris are expressed from depth of your heart… Dear ma’am.

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  22. A very poignant outpour of a yearning n aching heart that is suffering from ‘pangs of separation’ from its roots, its homeland. No matter how old we grow a part of our heart always resides in the home where we had spent our childhood. And if its a place as beautiful as Kashmir then the feeling of ‘estrangement’ is even more ‘deep’.
    It is often quoted, “home is where the heart is”. But another perspective could be (which too is equally true n compelling) HEART IS WHERE THE HOME WAS.
    The longing to reach out to our roots always thrives in our ❤. Keep that alive always…….
    Intrinsically beautiful musings.

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  23. So touchingly & poignantly expressed! The heartfelt yearning’s of a soul estranged from her roots! We all can relate to the emotions expressed as somewhere, someplace, we all have been uprooted from our home & now living elsewhere! It’s only journeying through the mind that we still roam through the lanes & alleys that still hold the old-world charm & allure us to go back. The poem indeed strikes a chord at the very essence of our being.. our origin… our genesis!

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  24. What a beautiful manifestation of nature! ..your homeland…your true feelings of missing each and everything of that place makes it look so realistic and deep.💕

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  25. Beautifull and emotional too. It depicts that how the dirty politics of a few people affects the masses specially the natives of that particular land

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