Friends of Yore

I miss them all

Those who would eat my lunch but never shared theirs

Even those who shared a candy and those who went out to eat it alone!

How can I forget those who secretly shared their Mills & Boons with me

And those who would hide their notes from me!

I miss them all

Those who remained silent when they should have supported me

And those who gave advice but never followed it themselves

I can’t forget my fierce friends who didn’t let me face it alone

And the supportive ones who remained my best critics.

Fierce Friends

I miss them all

Friends who remained only during the good times and then vanished

And those temporary friends who are and were

How can I forget the ‘oh you too?’ ones

Who doubled my joy?

Oh I miss them so much

The fickle minded ones who changed in a second and

The friends who accepted my faults

And wiped my tears 

And the ones who didn’t take me for granted.

The Mysore Maharanis

Oh I miss them so much

Even though they were toxic

You never forgot the lessons that hurt taught you

‘Never to leave anyone high and dry

When in troubled waters.’

Where are they?

My Tom and Jerry friends

We fought but couldn’t do without each other

“Oh did I offend you with my opinion” friends

Who changed me for the better.

The crazy and talented friends at Inter University Youth Festival

Where are they ?

My friends who were crazy, silly and weird

Went all out to make me laugh more and cry less

Who may be absent but will go all out to help

Even though they have their own lives.

Where are those gems?

Who never sugar-coated anything

They saw me and my worth

The ones who were not fake or flaky

They may not keep in touch frequently

But you know they are always there.

Met her after three decades!

70 thoughts on “Friends of Yore

  1. Such a beautiful expression Ma’am with nostalgic pics. You are easily recognisable in every pic with your characteristic smile and beauty .
    I must say that this is the best way to celebrate the silent and the strongest bond called दोस्ती.
    Happy Friendship Day😊

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  2. Beautifully expressed,the right emotion touched, perfect imagery took down the memory lane. A wonderful gift for your friends on Friendship Day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful piece with such nostalgic photos. We could really relate to all that you wrote. Friends are truly the family we choose. This also made me feel blessed for my friends who are the brothers and sisters from another mother.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow !! Excellent expression ma’am
    Friendship is really priceless as friends protect us, support us, nurture us , correct us and love us unconditionally.
    This poem is so beautiful just like you and the pictures attached are very appropriate.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is the best gift to your friends on friendship day by remembring your sweet old memories.The memorable time spent with your friends are now golden moments of life.Even critic comments inspire & motivate for future success.
    Awesome expression.Truely superb.

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  6. The milestones of personality enrichment have been very beautifully cherished & expressed. The innocence, laughter & spontaneity of emotions showcased in the photographs can be seen & felt by the bonds of togetherness & how you still value relationships. Honestly speaking, I feel privileged to be associated with you as I have also strengthened myself. You are a great motivator & a inspiration for me.
    Love you always & miss the glorious days spent together.

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  7. The beautiful poem and awesome pics are expressing very warming and comforting moments you spent with your friends. Simplicity and real happiness…. can be observed… Really superb!

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  8. [8/5, 8:03 AM] Alka Rai: You hit a treasured but hidden spot in my heart which yearns for those days and all those friends and “friends”❤️
    [8/5, 8:04 AM] Alka Rai: I say hit and not touched because yeh teer ki tarah laga jaa kar ❤️

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  9. [8/5, 8:03 AM] Alka Rai: You hit a treasured but hidden spot in my heart which yearns for those days and all those friends and “friends”❤️
    [8/5, 8:04 AM] Alka Rai: I say hit and not touched because yeh teer ki tarah laga jaa kar ❤️

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  10. Mam Beautiful images with beautiful words.Friendship well expressed in your poem and images.we can easily recognise you and lived your moments,not only yours but poem took us back in our days too.
    You are simply genius.

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  11. Lovely writing throughout ma’am. I wish to interview you. Kindly do let me know your email address so that I can provide you with the details.

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