Give Me A Balcony

Give me a balcony

Where I can sit and watch people.

A place far from the madding hustle

With a view of the bustle

A place where I can appreciate the untouched dew

And feel the first waft of morning breeze.

Give me a cozy balcony

With a chair and kadak chai.

  To bury myself into the newspaper

Between the printed lines

and people on the street below,

I see a morning full of liveliness and joy.

Give me a quiet balcony

So I can look across the street

At the tall lady walking hurriedly

To clean the houses that

Give her children and family a reason to live

Submitting  to a surrendered rhythm in her walk.

Give me a balcony

Veiled by the tall palm leaves.

Which allows me to be a voyeur

I can see the boy gazing shyly

At the girl lost in the loud prattle of friends

Oh, how times change!

Give me an envious balcony

To have a covert tête-à-tête

With my friends from the countryside

As I speak to the twittering birds

Who hadn’t visited me in days

And the squirrel who picks nuts from my parapet.

I want a balcony

All to myself

To gaze into nothingness

And rewind the memorable moments

To see my own story

In every story on the street below.  



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