You Are The Envied One

When I get mischievous like you I am scolded When I am naughty like you I am chided When I try to steal butter I am reminded to stay off calories When I run out to play like you I am called reckless. Lord, you are the envied one! When my cricket ball breaks aContinue reading “You Are The Envied One”

Friends of Yore

I miss them all Those who would eat my lunch but never shared theirs Even those who shared a candy and those who went out to eat it alone! How can I forget those who secretly shared their Mills & Boons with me And those who would hide their notes from me! I miss themContinue reading “Friends of Yore”


Away from my land I am restive, Distanced and lonely. The pangs of separation Are insufferable. When will I get to see you? My eyes are fatigued and heavy. My zest for life Has frozen, The glory of my tumultuous land Now lies dead and buried. I stroll behind the mountain On the sun-struck road SingingContinue reading “Uprooted”

Dusky and Divine

Why stare at me? I know you despise my cocoa skin I know my colour is descriptive I know you find me ugly. Who are you to define beauty? I consider this my uniqueness I am interpretative But not shallow. Who are you to dictate my thoughts? Don’t misjudge my kindness for weakness Don’t misjudgeContinue reading “Dusky and Divine”

The Gracious Tree

Standing tall and stately Stretching to the sky With blowing green locks Whispering boughs It’s bosoms cradled the nests While the birds sang In sheer happiness. As I passed by the gracious tree Which bowed in courtesy Its boughs waved in reply I rest in its shade Absorbing its perpetual greenness. Two decades have passed.Continue reading “The Gracious Tree”

The Cloaked Sky

Tranquil dark sky Smeared with dreary clouds          Scare me to scramble for light. I stand captivated By the smell of the impending storm Daunted by the deep mercy of the sky. There is beauty in the darkest clouds They come and go in my life At times they carry rain And sometimes they usher aContinue reading “The Cloaked Sky”

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