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Dusky and Divine

Why stare at me?

I know you despise my cocoa skin

I know my colour is descriptive

I know you find me ugly.

Who are you to define beauty?

I consider this my uniqueness

I am interpretative

But not shallow.

Who are you to dictate my thoughts?

Don’t misjudge my kindness for weakness

Don’t misjudge my shyness for timidness

Judge me when you are perfect.

Who are you to talk of my aesthetics?

My head is draped with immense compassion

Which accentuates my aura

Binding me to the world.

Who are you to silence me?

With your dark chatter

While you see only my dusky skin

I read your dark mind.

My silence is my resilience

I deserve to be loved

I may look dark to you

But my life is in color.

Painting credits: Heemal

36 thoughts on “Dusky and Divine

  1. Such an empathetic and bold description ma’am. I loved it. You are truly a philosopher and think out of the box. Proud of your multifaceted personality. Wonderful painting you have made.


  2. Immensely immersive. Soo appreciable… Sooo thoughtful. Incredibly beautiful painting, all encompassing poetry. Don’t know what stands first… The deep powerful Poetry or the fabulous painting.


  3. Art of mind,words and creative expressions.It’s really remarkable piece of art with lovely expression of words…..


  4. Ma’am you are a kind and thoughtful,
    sensitive and considerate,
    a generous and thoughtful giver. This poem gave me soothing effect and words are not enough to tell how deeply you have touched me.


  5. A compassionate person like you could only have thought so ,such beautiful painting and eclectic thoughts you have and their integrated effect is mesmerizing.Great going mam.


  6. So kind and sympathetic words mam.
    The poem shows how amiable you are.
    Every woman is special and deserve love and respect……
    Heart piercing poem!


  7. Such deep thoughts.only you can express the true thoughts of people with dusky skin. YES this is what they want to tell the world not to judge them on the basis of their color.truly a global portrayal.And the painting simply outstanding


  8. Ma’am it’s so thoughtful and mesmerising , and the Painting is a masterpiece. No words to express about the poetry it’s so deep and powerful. Fabulous ma’am🌺🌺🌺🌺


  9. Your words and painting says it all. It is so true that people think fair people are beautiful but every colour is beautiful . All your emotions are depicted in this poem .Choicest words, sensitive and-compassionate heart has made this poem EXCLUSIVE.


  10. Mam, Your poetry is beautiful in meaning and in prose.Strong answer to those who judge beauty by complexion. Mam you make Every individual feel special by your ART.
    हम कभी आपके चित्रकारी देखते हैं, तो कभी आपकी कविता को पढ़ते हैं।


  11. Yet another soul stirring & heart rending piece of poetry………….. On a scale from 1 to 10, your poetry is an 11….
    Exceptioally intense musing
    &&&&&&&& applaudable creativity.


  12. So truely expressed the inner feelings of a dusky woman.One should not always appreciate beauty with brains but also beauty in heart.
    A masterpiece of art so beautifully depicted.
    Truely awesome!


    1. When a lady bows her head it should not mistaken to be her ‘ weakness ‘ or ‘timidness’ it actually ‘accentuates her aura’.
      How beautifully you have expressed the strength that lies in a woman’s modesty. She stands tall in her humility n humbleness.
      Colour or class or for that matter status do not define her. Its her ‘resilience’ her dauntless courage, indomitable fortitude n compassion that defines her UNIQUENESS.
      Beautiful ‘Ode to a woman’.
      Each poem of yours makes us feel proud of being one of the loveliest creation of God.
      Cheers to womanhood.
      Ma’am you excel as an artist, both in sketch n words.


  13. So wonderfully you have explained all the emotions ma’am….You capture all the feelings, emotions in a such a unique way that it mesmerizes the readers . Both the poem and the painting complement each other…I am a SUPERFAN of your talent..


  14. Wow, what a refreshing piece of art! It inspires us to look beneath the mere outer being of oneself, and revere the real beauty of all the beautiful souls persisting in our world!
    Wonderfully expressed ma’am.


  15. Very true and heartfelt thoughts. Inner is always beautiful…. One just needs to keep reminding oneself.
    Painting also great and depicting the same.👍😍


  16. Wonderful combination of painting and poetry. You are always at your best mam in terms of sharing thoughts and views. You expressed the modesity of a woman so nicely. U r a true artist mam👌👌


  17. Ma’am ye to LAJBAAB feeling hai such me jab koi kehta hai tum sunder nahi ho to yahi feeling ati hai maan me. Eshwar ne sub ko Khabsurat bnaya hai. Pantting chaye black n white ho ZINDAGI TO RANGEN HAI . BEAUTIFUL PANTTING N THOUGHTS.


  18. The two thoughts that came to my mind after reading your musings are , firstly people who discriminate the creation of God on the basis of colour are actually shallow in their thoughts. Also you have rightly mentioned that nobody has the right to judge anyone on the basis of their appearance. Secondly you have mentioned the power of women. Women are actually carrying a rainbow inside them . They can spread the brightness all around with different intensity of hues and make the world colourful.
    The title that you have given to the thoughts is very apt.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. I just kept looking at the picture for so long and recalled the history of racism. You have so well depicted through your words and art that you cannot be a silent spectator but your liberal ethos should be strong .Mam you are a special person……

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Since ages, there are practices in our society that fosters misogyny towards women . Being beautiful is always skin deep . The barriers that are fabricated are the residues of fragile emotions of the other part . Sometimes silence is being judged , on the other hand it is the courage , tolerance and zeal towards life … of the women that needs to be acknowledged. Great school of thought , from one of the strongest woman i knew and acknowledged … n nice piece of art work ma’am 🙏 truly motivational 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  21. What a beautiful creation! Lovely artwork. A true manifestation of the thought that the real beauty lies with in and not in just the outward appearance. It’s beautifully woven into a poem with enriching and apt vocabulary.
    Worth reading.🌷👍
    Ma’am…You are an inspiration for many….

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Great mam! You’re truly an eloquent person. How simply you sketched the outer and inner of a dusky soul, in words as well as in painting. The description is amazing. I admire your perspective towards emotions. I think I am lucky to have such a genius around me.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Such a beautiful and heart touching way of showing the reality around ,but also a sad fact that we keep judging others mostly by their physical appearance. Somehow ,we need to open/ wider our thoughts and be more compassionate to each others……….


  24. This stigma of dusky skin was created by us and incase we have to dismiss it, it has to be done by us only. Ma’am you have beautifully expressed and voiced “The dusky skin stigma” and I, as a man agree and support the cause of letting it go from our mind and our lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. So beautifully you have explained the emotions ma’am.. and what to say about the art piece is as elegant and beautiful just like the words u put in the poem….
    Awesome combination👏
    Hats off to you…

    Liked by 1 person

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